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Musgrave Orchard

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Carthage Co-Op Market

Carthage Co-Op Market




Mid-Summer Harvests – July 2014

. Organic Oats

Note: We are taking a break from golden flax production until we are able to upgrade our cutting equipment, which will increase yields.  Hopefully flax will return to our grow list in 2015!

 Fall Harvests – October 2014

. Organic Popcorn
. Organic Black Beans
. Organic Red Beans
. Organic Soy Beans (non-GMO)


Fresh-Milled Organic Products 2014. Organic Oat Flour and Rolled Oats (mid-summer)
. Organic Bean Flour (fall)
. Organic Popcorn Cornmeal (current)
. Organic Popcorn Grits (current)