The newly-planted Oat Field is in the background, with our official
‘canine mascot’ Spartacus in the yard enjoying the return of fine weather!

We have officially initiated the 2014 ‘Planting Season’!  Keith finished planting oats (after repairing the plow and the tractor in between bouts of rain).  We are excited to kickoff a 3 year program beginning in 2014 for building organic matter and reducing weed pressure through the use of Sterling Formulations products.  Our ‘field experts’ Keith and Dave will be preparing fields, and planting popcorn, red beans, black beans, and soybeans when our unpredictable weather allows.

We are now utilizing innovative new ‘Micro Crusher’ technology to
fresh grind Fields of Agape products for our value-added markets.

We are working with The Carthage Mill, LLC to lease services of a micro-crusher for use in value-added products, including: Bean Flour; Oat Flour; Buckwheat Groats & Flour; Flax Meal & Flax Flour; and various Ground Corn varieties & grinds.  We are successfully milling popcorn for Cornmeal and Corn Grits, and have milled small volumes of Black Bean Flour (delicious!)  A new organic feed company will soon be sharing space with us at The Carthage Mill, LLC, using Fields of Agape specialty crops in their organic ‘complete feed’ recipes.  As we harvest throughout the 2014 growing season, more diverse value-added products will be offered – stay tuned for updates!

The winter of 2014 was so brutal that we relied on a sled to portage bagged
product from the cold-storage facility located in the barn to our van for delivery
traditional solutions kept us moving!

Our granddaughter Temple is wearing her Christmas coat & beret set –
handmade by artisans in Bloomington, IN – local & fabulous!

Thanks to all of you for your patience as we work to develop our Food Infrastructure!  We now have new partners in field operations and in our processing.  Our goals are to bring wholesome, sustainably produced, and nutritional food to your tables while ensuring that our food safety practices meet or exceed all food safety regulations.  We look forward to a bountiful 2014, and to sharing our crops and products with you and your families!

The certified organic commercial kitchen at The Carthage Mill is used for packaging & baking our products, and may be leased as a test kitchen for developing new organic value-added products or recipes – Contact us for more information!

At the Carthage Mill, the glass display case is stocked with luscious baked goods and with our organic whole-food staples packaged in reusable Ball Jars.

The Carthage Market offers a wonderful space for convening local grower’s meetings and special events – seating areas are plentiful, and the coffee drinks and baked treats complete the experience!

The Carthage Co-op Market is housed in a newly renovated historic structure, The Carthage Mill, LLC. The ‘Opening Weekend’ for the Market is scheduled May 22 – May 24, 10am – 4pm. The Market will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10am-4pm, from May through late Fall this year.  Market offerings include: Fields of Agape, LLC whole & milled organic foods; freshly baked goods; artisan coffees; local arts & crafts; antiques, lumber, doors, windows; and various items for re-purposing. Please stop by and explore – we’d love to have you visit!





Mid-Summer Harvests – July 2014

. Organic Oats

Note: We are taking a break from golden flax production until we are able to upgrade our cutting equipment, which will increase yields.  Hopefully flax will return to our grow list in 2015!

 Fall Harvests – October 2014

. Organic Popcorn
. Organic Black Beans
. Organic Red Beans
. Organic Soy Beans (non-GMO)


Fresh-Milled Organic Products 2014. Organic Oat Flour and Rolled Oats (mid-summer)
. Organic Bean Flour (fall)
. Organic Popcorn Cornmeal (current)
. Organic Popcorn Grits (current)



Carthage Co-Op Market