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100% Organic, Non-GMO, Whole & Fresh-Milled Foods


Flax In Bloom
Flax in Bloom:  Our 2012 Flax crop was the most beautiful field we’ve seen in our many years of growing Flax.
  A lovely sight ‘from near and far’ in the rural landscape!

FoA Partners:  Keith, Anna, Judy, and Spartacus in the fields that we love.


Fields of Agape, LLC will work with farm and community partners to produce, package, and distribute organic whole foods using sustainable practices that nourish the land and surrounding communities.



Mid-Summer Harvests – July 2013

. Organic Oats
. Organic Golden Flax Seed


Fall Harvests – October 2013

. Organic Popcorn
. Organic Black Beans
. Organic Pinto Beans
. Organic Soy Beans (non-GMO)
. Organic Buckwheat


Fresh-Milled, Gluten-Free Organic Products – Coming Fall 2013!!!

. Organic Oat Flour
. Organic Black Bean Flour
. Organic Buckwheat Flour
. Organic Flax Seed Meal
. Organic Popcorn Cornmeal
. Organic Popcorn Grits



Our 2013 Planting Season is underway!

We have Hull-less Oats and Flax “in & thriving”...

Milling Equipment R & D continues!

We are engaged in research for value-added products...

Food Infrastructure work progresses!

We have new partners in both field and processing...



Carthage Co-op Market opens soon!

Carthage Co-op Market opens its Season on Friday, May 3rd...